Ash Harrell
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EventComp  Date PointsPerfCompetedPBWinnerPOTRecord
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity28 May 201114:33.25737300000
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford11 Jun 201114:59.46212100000
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford12 Jun 20103:52.85999900000
3000SC3000SCAviva European Trials and UK ChampionshipsBirmingham27 Jun 20109:09.9214014000000
3000SC3000SCAviva England U23 and U20 World Trials ChampionshipsBedford19 Jun 20109:22.4711511500000
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull10 Jul 201014:27.33908505000
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity29 May 201014:38.74676205000
30005000Loughborough InternationalLoughborough23 May 20108:33.800000000
15001500British Athletics League PremiershipDon Valley7 Jun 20093:56.16777205000
15001500Southern Counties Senior & U20 ChampionshipsWatford21 Jun 20093:59.35474700000
15001500Southern Counties Senior & U20 ChampionshipsWatford20 Jun 20093:59.450000000
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixCardiff15 Aug 200914:50.66433805000
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity30 May 200914:51.73413605000
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixStretford27 Jun 200914:55.00303000000
30005000St. Mary's ClassicTwickenham3 Jun 20098:27.895005000
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity31 May 20083:57.70656005000
3000SC3000SCEngland Athletics Open Championships (U23/U20)Bedford21 Jun 20089:28.3210310300000
3000SC3000SCLoughborough InternationalLoughborough18 May 20089:29.5110010000000
2000SC3000SCSouth of England Senior/U20 ChampionshipsCrystal Palace14 Jun 20086:02.960000000
ZXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge SeriesCardiff15 Jan 201232:33504730000
9.8KXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series (inc European Trials)Liverpool26 Nov 201130:12322930000
10.1KXCXCMcCain UK Cross ChallengeCardiff16 Jan 201133:10514830000
9.8KXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)Liverpool27 Nov 201029:28383530000
9.8KXCXCMcCain UK Cross ChallengeLiverpool28 Nov 200929:19434030000
12KXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge inc World Trials & Inter CountiesBirmingham13 Mar 201037:070000000
ZXCXCInter CountiesNottingham7 Mar 200941:550000000
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