Louise Shortland
Power of 10 profile
EventComp  Date PointsPerfCompetedPBWinnerPOTRecord
PVPVBedford International GamesBedford10 Jun 20123.6014514500000
PVPVUK Women's League Premier DivisionEton30 Jun 20123.5013513500000
PVPVEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Champs)Birmingham2 Jun 20123.4212712700000
PVPVUK Women's League Premier DivisionBirmingham9 Jun 20123.4012512500000
PVPVMcCain Jumps & Throws FestBirmingham11 Aug 20123.3111611600000
PVPVMcCain CAU ChampionshipsBedford26 Aug 20123.3011511500000
PVPVUK Women's League Premier DivisionLee Valley6 Aug 20113.7015515500000
PVPVCAU Inter Counties ChampionshipsBedford30 May 20113.6014514500000
PVPVSouth of England U20 / Senior ChampionshipsAshford18 Jun 20113.6014514500000
PVPVMcCain Jumps & Throws FestHendon9 Jul 20113.5514014000000
PVPVMcCain Birmingham GamesBirmingham23 Jul 20113.4613113100000
PVPVSouthern Counties U20/Senior ChampionshipsCrystal Palace12 Jun 20103.7016015505000
PVPVEngland Senior Closed ChampionshipsGateshead17 Jul 20103.6515015000000
PVPVMcCain Jumps FestHendon7 Aug 20103.6515015000000
PVPVCAU Inter Counties ChampionshipsBedford31 May 20103.6014514500000
PVPVUK Women's League PremierBirmingham5 Jun 20103.6014514500000
PVPVUK Women's League PremierSportcity3 Jul 20103.6014514500000
PVPVMcCain EAP Birmingham GamesBirmingham24 Jul 20103.6014514500000
PVPVUK Women's League PremierEton31 Jul 20103.6014514500000
PVPVBedford International GamesBedford15 Aug 20103.5013513500000
PVPVCAU Inter CountiesBedford25 May 20093.7016015505000
PVPVEngland U20 & U23 ChampionshipsBedford27 Jun 20093.6014514500000
PVPVUKA Jumps & Throws FestivalBirmingham26 Jul 20093.6014514500000
PVPVBedford International GamesBedford31 May 20093.5013513500000
PVPVUK Women's League Division 2Lee Valley5 Jul 20093.4012512500000
PVPVUK Women's League Division 2Grangemouth2 Aug 20093.4012512500000
PVPVUK Women's League Division 2Cardiff6 Jun 20093.3011511500000
PVPVSouthern Counties Senior & U20 ChampionshipsWatford20 Jun 20093.3011511500000
PVPVAviva World Trials & National ChampionshipsBirmingham11 Jul 2009NM0000000
PVPVUK Women's League Division 1Birmingham7 Jun 20083.6015014505000
PVPVUK Women's League Division 1Hendon2 Aug 20083.6015014505000
PVPVUK Challenge FinalEton9 Aug 20083.5113613600000
PVPVUK Women's League Division 1Sportcity5 Jul 20083.5013513500000
PVPVUKA Throws FestBirmingham29 Jun 20083.4012512500000
PVPVBAL 10 in 100 Cup Match 1Hendon19 Jul 20083.3011511500000
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