Babatunde Amosu
Power of 10 profile
EventComp  Date PointsPerfCompetedPBWinnerPOTRecord
LJLJBritish Athletics League Division 1Hendon4 Jun 20116.49696900000
LJLJBritish Athletics League Division 1Hendon4 Jun 20116.150000000
TJTJCAU Inter Counties ChampionshipsBedford29 May 201115.75212192050150
TJTJMcCain Jumps & Throws FestHendon10 Jul 201115.8520119605000
TJTJBritish Athletics League Division 1Hendon4 Jun 201115.52192182001000
TJTJEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)Bedford16 Jul 201115.5118218200000
TJTJBedford International GamesBedford12 Jun 201115.4718018000000
TJTJBritish Athletics League Division 1Kingston2 Jul 201115.4317917900000
TJTJMcCain UK Challenge FinalBirmingham20 Aug 201115.3917717700000
TJTJSouthern Counties U20/Senior ChampionshipsCrystal Palace12 Jun 201015.4618018000000
TJTJAviva England U23 and U20 World Trials ChampionshipsBedford20 Jun 201015.3917717700000
TJTJEngland Athletics Open Championships (U23/U20)Bedford22 Jun 200814.8815715700000
TJTJSouth of England Senior/U20 ChampionshipsCrystal Palace14 Jun 200814.7215015000000
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