Steven Fennell
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EventComp  Date PointsPerfCompetedPBWinnerPOTRecord
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity28 May 20113:46.6815314805000
800800BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull9 Jul 20111:48.2318118100000
800800BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford11 Jun 20111:48.8516916900000
800800Aviva World Trials & UK ChampionshipsBirmingham31 Jul 20111:48.9116716700000
800800South of England U20 / Senior ChampionshipsAshford19 Jun 20111:49.6715215200000
800800England Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)Bedford17 Jul 20111:49.8714814800000
800800South of England U20 / Senior ChampionshipsAshford18 Jun 20111:54.870000000
800800England Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)Bedford16 Jul 20111:54.160000000
800800Aviva World Trials & UK ChampionshipsBirmingham29 Jul 20111:50.580000000
800800Aviva World Trials & UK ChampionshipsBirmingham30 Jul 20111:49.100000000
Mile1500CAU Inter Counties ChampionshipsBedford31 May 20104:10.135005000
800800BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford12 Jun 20101:48.6517317300000
800800England Senior Closed ChampionshipsGateshead18 Jul 20101:50.3513913900000
800800Aviva European Trials and UK ChampionshipsBirmingham25 Jun 20101:50.7313113100000
800800Aviva European Trials and UK ChampionshipsBirmingham26 Jun 20101:54.160000000
800800England Senior Closed ChampionshipsGateshead17 Jul 20101:51.680000000
800800BMC Nike Grand PrixStretford27 Jun 20091:47.9719118605000
800800Aviva World Trials & National ChampionshipsBirmingham12 Jul 20091:48.3417917900000
800800BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford13 Jun 20091:48.6117317300000
800800St. Mary's ClassicTwickenham3 Jun 20091:50.1014414400000
800800Aviva World Trials & National ChampionshipsBirmingham10 Jul 20091:51.890000000
800800Aviva World Trials & National ChampionshipsBirmingham11 Jul 20091:48.970000000
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