Thomas Fitzpatrick
Power of 10 profile
EventComp  Date PointsPerfCompetedPBWinnerPOTRecord
50005000BMC Grand PrixSportcity19 May 201214:06.96       
50005000BMC Grand PrixWatford9 Jun 201213:58.75       
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixStretford23 Jul 20113:49.46       
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity28 May 201114:24.32       
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford11 Jun 201114:11.83       
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull9 Jul 201114:23.01       
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixCardiff28 Aug 20103:48.54       
30005000BMC Nike Grand PrixBelfast24 Jul 20108:14.04       
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford13 Jun 20093:51.64       
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixStretford27 Jun 20093:48.78       
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixCardiff15 Aug 20093:54.06       
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull28 Jun 20083:56.39       
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