Alex Tovey
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EventComp  Date PointsPerfCompetedPBWinnerPOTRecord
15001500BMC Grand PrixWatford9 Jun 20123:45.5816215705000
15001500BMC Grand PrixSolihull21 Jul 20123:45.9915415400000
15001500BMC Grand PrixSportcity19 May 20123:48.2713513500000
15001500BMC Grand PrixStretford7 Jul 20123:51.8710710700000
15001500British Athletics League Division 1Lee Valley27 May 20123:53.08979700000
15001500Aviva Olympic Trials & UK ChampionshipsBirmingham22 Jun 20123:55.82757500000
15001500British Athletics League Division 1Eton18 Aug 20123:56.82676700000
15001500British Athletics League Division 1Hendon28 Jul 20123:59.71444400000
30005000British Athletics League Division 1Gateshead30 Jun 20128:24.370000000
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull9 Jul 20113:54.50868600000
15001500British Athletics League 1Gateshead13 Aug 20113:58.03575700000
800800British Athletics League Division 1Kingston2 Jul 20111:51.9211210705000
800800BMC Nike Grand PrixStretford23 Jul 20111:52.44979700000
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull10 Jul 20103:46.0115815305000
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity29 May 20103:47.3614814305000
15001500British Athletics League PremiershipEton31 Jul 20103:50.2012012000000
15001500Aviva European Trials and UK ChampionshipsBirmingham26 Jun 20103:51.1511211200000
15001500Aviva England U23 and U20 World Trials ChampionshipsBedford20 Jun 20103:52.5110110100000
15001500England Senior Closed ChampionshipsGateshead17 Jul 20104:02.36232300000
15001500Aviva England U23 and U20 World Trials ChampionshipsBedford19 Jun 20103:53.190000000
30005000BMC Nike Grand PrixBelfast24 Jul 20108:21.415005000
30005000British Athletics League PremiershipLee Valley21 Aug 20108:32.800000000
800800British Athletics League PremiershipLee Valley21 Aug 20101:53.26808000000
800800British Athletics League PremiershipHendon5 Jun 20101:53.93676700000
800800British Athletics League PremiershipBirmingham3 Jul 20101:55.48363600000
15001500BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity30 May 20093:50.3412411905000
15001500Southern Counties Senior & U20 ChampionshipsWatford21 Jun 20093:54.57858500000
15001500British Athletics League National 1Abingdon6 Jun 20093:55.74767600000
15001500British Athletics League National 1Gateshead1 Aug 20093:59.84434300000
15001500Southern Counties Senior & U20 ChampionshipsWatford20 Jun 20093:58.430000000
15001500England U20 & U23 ChampionshipsBedford27 Jun 20094:07.210000000
800800British Athletics League National 1Eton4 Jul 20091:54.5605505000
15001500British Athletics League PremiershipBirmingham8 Jun 20083:55.02868105000
15001500British Athletics League PremiershipHendon16 Aug 20084:11.360000000
ZXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge SeriesBristol28 Oct 201230:48464330000
ZXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge SeriesLiverpool24 Nov 201231:21252230000
9.8KXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)Liverpool27 Nov 201030:11221930000
ZXCXCInter Counties ChampionshipsBirmingham5 Mar 201138:150000000
9.8KXCXCMcCain UK Cross ChallengeLiverpool28 Nov 200932:183030000
12KXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge inc World Trials & Inter CountiesBirmingham13 Mar 201037:350000000
ZXCXCMcCain UK Cross ChallengeLiverpool29 Nov 200821:483030000
ZXCXCInter CountiesNottingham7 Mar 200941:160000000
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