Lee Doran

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Club:Sheffield & Dearne
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Chris Watts2014-
Previous Lead:John Davies-2012
Previous Lead:David Parker2013-2014
Previous Lead:Mark Roberson2013-2013
Previous Lead:Esa Utriainen2012-2013

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Domestic Record
2004 - AAA U20 Championships gold.
2005 - AAA U23 Championships silver. Scottish U23 Championships gold. BUSA Championships silver
2006 - BUSA Championships gold. Scottish Senior Championships silver
2007 - BUSA Championships gold. Scottish Senior Championships gold.
2008 - Scottish Senior Championships gold. Welsh Open Senior Championships gold. BUSA Championships silver
2009 - Welsh Open Senior Championships gold. Senior UK Championships bronze
2010 - Welsh Open Senior Championships gold. Aviva European Trials and UK Championships 5th.
2011 - Aviva World Trials & UK Championships Gold. Welsh Closed Senior Championships Gold. Scottish Senior Championships Gold. CAU Inter-Counties Gold.

2012 - Olympic Trials & UK Championships Gold. Welsh Senior Championships Gold. Major Championships and International Record
2013 - European Athletics Team Championships Super League 8th
2014 - European Athletics Team Championships Super League 9th
2010 - Delhi Commonwealth Games 5th
2014 - Glasgow Commonwealth Games 8th

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Colette DoranWigan & DistrictSENWJT60095ALL201736.27
Bethany WoodwardSouthamptonSENW

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2015 SEN City of Sheffield
JT80071.182LoughboroughLoughborough International17 May 15
JT80068.132ASheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership9 May 15
2014 SEN City of Sheffield
JT80076.611CardiffWelsh Athletics Senior Championships & Commonwealth Games Trials1 Jun 14
JT80075.824AHampden ParkCommonwealth Games1 Aug 14
JT80073.652LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 14
JT80073.081CardiffWelsh Athletics International15 Jul 14
JT80072.738Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games2 Aug 14
JT80072.702Geneva, SUIMeeting International de Genève14 Jun 14
JT80071.842BedfordEngland Athletics Invitation Events24 May 14
JT80071.299Braunschweig, GEREuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League22 Jun 14
JT80070.711BirminghamBritish Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)28 Jun 14
2013 SEN City of Sheffield
JT80075.601BedfordBedford International Games27 May 13
JT80074.231LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
JT80073.778GatesheadEuropean Athletics Team Championships23 Jun 13
JT80072.567BirminghamSainsbury's Grand Prix30 Jun 13
JT80070.772BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
JT80070.771BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships13 Jul 13
2012 SEN City of Sheffield
JT80079.721BirminghamAviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships23 Jun 12
JT80078.201ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
JT80077.991CardiffWelsh Championships4 Jun 12
JT80076.281Bedford3rd Annual UK Javelin Carnival8 Sep 12
JT80075.571ALiverpoolBritish Athletics League Premiership18 Aug 12
JT80075.402LoughboroughWinter Throws Trials3 Mar 12
JT80074.931BedfordMcCain CAU Championships26 Aug 12
JT80074.6811BirminghamMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest12 Aug 12
JT80074.291AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
JT80073.738Bar, MNEEuropean Cup Winter Throwing18 Mar 12
JT80073.576Leverkusen, GERNerius Cup1 Jun 12
JT80072.601Sousse, TUNThrows Competition20 Apr 12
JT80072.282CardiffWelsh Athletics International18 Jul 12
JT80071.742UKAOlympic ParkBUCS Championships7 May 12
JT80071.723LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
JT80071.401CardiffSouth Wales Regional Athletics Championships12 May 12
JT80071.251HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge16 Jun 12
JT80071.081CarlisleTeam North Cumbria Open Meeting25 Mar 12
JT80071.015BedfordBedford International Games10 Jun 12
JT80068.802UKA QOlympic ParkBUCS Championships6 May 12
2011 SEN City of Sheffield
JT80078.631BirminghamAviva World Trials & UK Championships30 Jul 11
JT80077.541AHendonMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest10 Jul 11
JT80076.851Glasgow (S)Scottish Senior & U14 Championships17 Jul 11
JT80075.691ACardiffBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Jun 11
JT80075.581ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership13 Aug 11
JT80073.861BirminghamMcCain UK Challenge Final20 Aug 11
JT80073.581YeovilYeovil Spring Open2 Apr 11
JT80073.061BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships30 May 11
JT80072.801Sousse, TUNAmical Competition13 May 11
JT80072.221CarnarthenCarmarthen Throws Competition4 Aug 11
JT80071.942LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 11
JT80070.901CardiffWelsh Open Senior Championships18 Jun 11
JT80070.891qBBedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships30 May 11
JT80069.492AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Jul 11
2010 SEN City of Sheffield
JT80075.121CarlisleCumbria County Championships8 May 10
JT80072.565Delhi, INDCommonwealth Games12 Oct 10
JT80072.221ACardiffBritish Athletics League Division 15 Jun 10
JT80071.981CardiffWelsh Senior Championships12 Jun 10
JT80071.701SwanseaCommonwealth Games Preparation Meeting18 Sep 10
JT80069.051LitherlandSouthport Waterloo Open4 Sep 10
JT80068.111Lee Valley Jav Fest 811 Sep 10
JT80067.721ADon ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 13 Jul 10
JT80067.475BirminghamAviva European Trials and UK Championships25 Jun 10
JT80067.225CardiffMcCain Challenge Final28 Aug 10
JT80066.861ALiverpoolBritish Athletics League Division 121 Aug 10
JT80066.242SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior & U20 Championships13 Jun 10
JT80065.705BHalle, GERHallesche Erdgas - Werfertage15 May 10
JT80064.461Neath Neath Open inc. Welsh 3000m Championships11 Aug 10
JT80060.422ABromleyBritish Athletics League Division 131 Jul 10
2009 SEN City of Sheffield
SP7.26K10.901CarlisleBorder Harriers Open23 Aug 09
DT2K32.961CarlisleBorder Harriers Open23 Aug 09
JT80071.581AManchesterBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Jul 09
JT80071.301CarlisleCumbria County Championships9 May 09
JT80070.822SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships21 Jun 09
JT80070.794CardiffUKA Super 810 Jun 09
JT80070.121Nebula, TUNNebula, TUN23 May 09
JT80069.981CardiffWelsh Open Senior Championships13 Jun 09
JT80069.333BirminghamAviva World Trials & National Championships11 Jul 09
JT80068.591CarlisleBorder Harriers Open19 Apr 09
JT80067.751CarlisleBorder Harriers Open23 Aug 09
JT80067.7263BirminghamUKA Jumps & Throws Festival26 Jul 09
JT80067.581NeathNeath Open inc Welsh 10000 Championships5 Aug 09
JT80067.463AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership1 Aug 09
JT80067.033BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games18 Jul 09
JT80066.993CardiffMcCain UK Challenge Final15 Aug 09
JT80066.851Kairouan, TUNKairouan, TUN30 May 09
JT80066.821TelfordTelford Games12 Sep 09
JT80063.703ANewhamBritish Athletics League Premiership22 Aug 09
JT80060.631SwanseaWelsh Inter Regional Championships30 Aug 09
2008 SEN City of Sheffield/Cardiff Met Uni
SP7.26K11.86iCardiffUWIC Indoor Grand Prix16 Feb 08
SP7.26K11.64CarlisleBorder Harriers Open7 Sep 08
DT2K35.171CarlisleBorder Harriers Open7 Sep 08
JT80072.262BedfordBUSA Outdoor Athletics Championships3 May 08
JT80070.321DunfermlineScottish Athletics Senior Championships31 Aug 08
JT80067.776BedfordBIG 20081 Jun 08
JT80066.731NeathNeath Open13 Aug 08
JT80066.247BirminghamAviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials12 Jul 08
JT80065.776EtonUK Challenge Final9 Aug 08
JT80065.763Kessel-Lo, BELFlanders Cup7 Jun 08
JT80065.572ABedfordBUSA Outdoor Athletics Championships3 May 08
JT80065.4651BirminghamUKA Throws Fest29 Jun 08
JT80064.982ACarlisleBritish Athletics League National 15 Jul 08
JT80064.611Swansea (SL)Welsh Championships15 Jun 08
JT80064.382AHendonBritish Athletics League National 116 Aug 08
JT80064.291AberdareWelsh Athletics Photo Finish Open25 Jun 08
JT80064.072AbingdonRadley Open23 Aug 08
JT80061.335ALiverpoolBritish Athletics League National 12 Aug 08
JT80060.913BirminghamBirmingham Games (inc Midland Senior 3000m Championships)20 Jul 08
JT80059.631CarlisleBorder Harriers Open7 Sep 08
2007 U23 Enfield & Haringey/Cardiff Met Uni
SP7.26K11.37iCardiffUWIC Grand Prix Series8 Dec 07
SP7.26K10.64CarlisleCarlisle Aspatria Open Medals Meeting2 Sep 07
DT2K31.26CarlisleCarlisle Aspatria Open Medals Meeting2 Sep 07
JT80073.751Sousse, TUNSousse, TUN14 Apr 07
JT80072.441SportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Jun 07
JT80070.931BedfordBUSA Championships7 May 07
JT80070.871LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 07
JT80070.232ABirminghamThrows Festival1 Jul 07
JT80069.231HullNorthern Inter Counties26 Aug 07
JT80066.881Glasgow (S)Senior Scottish Championships11 Aug 07
JT80066.708Riga, LATRiga Cup13 Jun 07
JT80064.299SportcityNorwich Union World Trials & AAA Championships27 Jul 07
JT80063.978Don ValleyNorwich Union British Grand Prix15 Jul 07
JT80062.724HendonBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Aug 07
JT80061.601QABedfordBUSA Championships7 May 07
2006 U23 Enfield & Haringey/Cardiff Met Uni
JT80072.042BedfordCau Inter Counties Championships29 May 06
JT80068.682ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership3 Jun 06
JT80067.811CarlisleCumbria County Championships14 May 06
JT80065.081BirminghamBUSA Championships1 May 06
JT80061.462Glasgow (S)Sunday Mail Scottish Championships12 Aug 06
JT80058.063BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership1 Jul 06
JT80056.672BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership6 May 06
2005 U23 Enfield & Haringey/Cardiff Met Uni
JT80067.252BedfordAAA U23U20 Champs3 Jul 05
JT80066.934BirminghamINTER-AREA MATCH Alexander Stadium, Birmingham23 Jul 05
JT80066.902Glasgow (S)BUSA Champs2 May 05
JT80064.722BHaringeyBAL130 Jul 05
JT80062.451CosfordREPRESENTATIVE MATCH23 Apr 05
JT80061.1311SportcityAAA Championships9 Jul 05
JT80059.512BManchester (SC)BAL D125 Jun 05
JT80059.131DumfriesBank of Scotland U23 &U20 Championships19 Jun 05
JT80058.533QBGlasgow (S)BUSA Champs2 May 05
2004 U20 Enfield & Haringey
JT80066.141BedfordAAA Under 20 & Under 23 Championships27 Jun 04
2001 U17 Enfield & Haringey
JT70067.311Tullamore, IRLBS-1721 Jul 01
Total Performances: 140
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