Bethany Goymour

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Club:Peterborough & Nene Valley
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2016 U20 Nene Valley
4.8KXC24:5211St NeotsCambridgeshire County Championships3 Jan 16
5K21:42149141PeterboroughPeterborough Grand Prix 5K8 Jun 16
5K21:449491StamfordPeterborough Grand Prix 5K6 Jul 16
5K21:5399131ThorneyPeterborough Grand Prix 5K20 Jul 16
5KXC26:36195Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
parkrun21:194431Ferry MeadowsPeterborough parkrun # 1349 Jan 16
parkrun21:244031Ferry MeadowsPeterborough parkrun # 13623 Jan 16
6.5KXC32:149118DerbyNorth Midlands League15 Oct 16
ZXC38:0224636Bushfield AcademyFrostbite Friendly League6 Nov 16
2015 U17 Nene Valley
8002:43.742SandyBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting28 Mar 15
15005:23.01BPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League10 May 15
15005:23.106CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships23 May 15
15005:26.52BColchesterSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 125 Apr 15
15005:30.41nsBury St EdmondsEast Anglian League3 May 15
15005:31.13ABedfordEastern Young Athletes' League19 Apr 15
300011:51.9511St. IvesCambridgeshire AA Development Open13 May 15
2.5KXCL10:3739L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships31 Oct 15
5KXC25:06171Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
parkrun21:08461Ferry MeadowsPeterborough parkrun # 12628 Nov 15
ZXC24:0511St NeotsCambridgeshire County Championships4 Jan 15
ZXC34:1016316Bushfield AcademyFrostbite Friendly League1 Nov 15
2014 U17 Peterborough
10015.76ABasildonEastern Young Athletes' League13 Jul 14
30051.02BLutonEast Anglian League8 Jun 14
8002:37.83ALutonEast Anglian League8 Jun 14
800NT65PeterboroughNene Valley Graded Night18 Sep 14
15005:20.76ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final14 Sep 14
15005:20.763PeterboroughCambridgeshire County Championships24 May 14
15005:21.45ABasildonEastern Young Athletes' League Top 6 Final7 Sep 14
15005:26.54PeterboroughCambridgeshire County Schools' Championships14 Jun 14
15005:27.56ABasildonEastern Young Athletes' League13 Jul 14
15005:28.82ASandyEastern Young Athletes' League3 Aug 14
15005:29.552AHendonEastern Young Athletes' League15 Jun 14
15005:29.92ALutonEastern Young Athletes' League11 May 14
15005:31.53ABury St EdmondsEast Anglian League4 May 14
DT1K10.216ABury St EdmondsEast Anglian League4 May 14
4KXC19:14180Parliament HillSouthern Championships25 Jan 14
5K21:029691PeterboroughPeterborough Grand Prix 5K2 Jul 14
5K21:23868StamfordPeterborough Grand Prix 5K16 Jul 14
5K21:259391EyePeterborough Grand Prix 5K18 Jun 14
ZXC17:0741NorthamptonAnglian Schools' Championships1 Feb 14
ZXC21:2511St NeotsCambridgeshire County Championships5 Jan 14
ZXC22:2513HeanorNorth Midlands League6 Dec 14
ZXCL10:5047L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships1 Nov 14
2013 U15 Peterborough
20031.78nsBraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League21 Jul 13
8002:39.62BBraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League21 Jul 13
15005:21.82APeterboroughEast Anglian League1 Sep 13
15005:22.162ACambridgeEast Anglian League14 Jul 13
15005:24.04APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League4 Aug 13
15005:26.24ASt. AlbansEastern Young Athletes' League7 Jul 13
15005:28.23102PeterboroughPeterborough City Games26 Aug 13
15005:30.396CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships25 May 13
15005:34.15ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final15 Sep 13
15005:35.84AIpswichEastern Young Athletes' League19 May 13
15005:36.95CambridgeCambridgeshire Schools' Championships8 Jun 13
15005:49.02ANorwichEast Anglian League12 May 13
15005:55.12BBury St. EdmondsEastern Young Athletes' League14 Apr 13
DT1K9.986ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League21 Jul 13
2KXCL8:5265L3MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
3K12:111863EyePeterborough Grand Prix Junior 3K3 Jul 13
3KNAD11:581233StamfordPeterborough Grand Prix Junior 3K17 Jul 13
3KNAD12:162896PeterboroughPeterborough Grand Prix Junior 3K19 Jun 13
ZXC13:1120CorbyNorth Midlands League9 Nov 13
ZXC14:5720DerbyNorth Midlands League19 Oct 13
ZXC17:1669GranthamAnglian Schools' Championships2 Feb 13
ZXC21:298St NeotsCambridgeshire County Championships6 Jan 13
ZXCNT11ElyCambridgeshire Schools' Championships26 Jan 13
2012 U15 Peterborough
15005:31.243PeterboroughPeterborough Diamond Games27 Aug 12
15005:36.92AWareEastern Young Athletes' League19 Aug 12
15005:42.73ASouthendEastern Young Athletes' League10 Jun 12
15005:47.63AKing's LynnEast Anglian League1 Jul 12
15005:50.63ALutonEast Anglian League20 May 12
15005:56.253APeterboroughEast Anglian League22 Apr 12
15005:56.85ACambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League27 May 12
LJ3.281nsWareEastern Young Athletes' League19 Aug 12
LJ3.181nsSouthendEastern Young Athletes' League10 Jun 12
DT1K9.674BSouthendEastern Young Athletes' League10 Jun 12
DT1K9.243BChelmsfordEastern Young Athletes' League8 Jul 12
3KNAD12:332465PeterboroughPeterborough Grand Prix 3K4 Jul 12
ZXC13:0025St. NeotsCambridgeshire County Championships8 Jan 12
ZXC15:0020DerbyNorth Midlands League20 Oct 12
ZXCNT25ElyCambridgeshire Schools' Championships14 Jan 12
2011 U13 Peterborough
10015.34ns1BasildonEastern Young Athletes' League24 Jul 11
10015.41nsWatfordEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jul 11
10015.43nsBury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League17 Jul 11
10015.64nsGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League21 Aug 11
10016.29nsBraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League14 Aug 11
10016.65nsIpswichEastern Young Athletes' League1 May 11
15005:48.26ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final18 Sep 11
15005:48.92AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League21 Aug 11
15005:49.14AStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League12 Jun 11
15005:52.13ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League14 Aug 11
15005:52.93ABasildonEastern Young Athletes' League24 Jul 11
15005:53.52ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League17 Jul 11
15006:03.72APeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
15006:04.21APeterboroughEast Anglian League8 May 11
15006:12.01BWatfordEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jul 11
15006:31.53AIpswichEastern Young Athletes' League1 May 11
DT0.75K10.812BBasildonEastern Young Athletes' League24 Jul 11
DT0.75K10.781BStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League12 Jun 11
DT0.75K10.323BBraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League14 Aug 11
DT0.75K10.244APeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
DT0.75K9.502BWatfordEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jul 11
ZXC12:4020CorbyNorth Midlands League12 Nov 11
Total Performances: 103
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