Kacper Kalwarski

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Club:Birchfield H/Poland
Age Group:SEN
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2023 SEN Birchfield H/Poland
HJ1.404ATelfordMidland Counties League Division 29 Jul 23
JT80057.612BirminghamNational Athletics League Premier Division Fixture B5 Aug 23
JT80056.493WoodfordNational Athletics League Premier Division Fixture B15 Jul 23
JT80056.341ABirminghamMidland Counties League Division 219 Aug 23
JT80052.782ATelfordMidland Counties League Division 29 Jul 23
2022 SEN Birchfield H/Poland
HJ1.504ARugbyMidland Counties Track & Field League Division 117 Jul 22
HJ1.405ANottinghamMidland Counties Track & Field League Division 113 Aug 22
JT80058.901WoodfordNational Athletics League - Premiership2 Jul 22
JT80057.802ABirmingham (U)University of Birmingham Winter Throws & 5000m Open19 Mar 22
JT80057.621LeamingtonLeamington C & A C Open3 May 22
JT80056.006KingstonNational Athletics League - Premiership4 Jun 22
JT80047.842ANottinghamMidland Counties Track & Field League Division 113 Aug 22
JT80043.543NuneatonWarwickshire County Championships14 May 22
2021 SEN Birchfield H/Poland
10013.11.423LeamingtonLeamington Open & Club Championships11 Sep 21
LJ4.36-0.88ALeamingtonLeamington Open & Club Championships11 Sep 21
DT2K29.371LeamingtonLeamington Open & Club Championships11 Sep 21
JT80055.901BStretfordNational Athletics League Premier North6 Jun 21
JT80053.411NuneatonWarwickshire County Championships31 Jul 21
JT80048.644BLeamingtonLeamington Open & Club Championships25 May 21
JT80046.454NuneatonBirchfield Harriers National Athletics League Warm Up16 May 21
2020 SEN Birchfield H/Poland
JT80052.111ALeamingtonLeamington C&AC Open Competition12 Sep 20
JT80052.081BirminghamMidland Counties Open18 Jan 20
2019 U23 Birchfield H/Poland
JT80064.543ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Division Premiership3 Aug 19
JT80060.051BHorspathOxford City End of Season Throwsfest28 Sep 19
JT80058.611RugbyRugby Spring Medal Open6 Apr 19
JT80056.974AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership9 Jun 19
JT80055.552LeamingtonWarwickshire Open Graded Series7 Aug 19
JT80055.511BBirminghamMidland League Division 116 Jun 19
JT80055.341CoventryWarwickshire Open Graded Series3 Jul 19
JT80054.721AHorspathMidland League Division 119 May 19
JT80053.941BSheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Jul 19
JT80053.202CoventryWarwickshire Open Graded Series5 Jun 19
JT80052.121BirminghamMidland Counties Winter Throws Open5 Jan 19
JT80051.741BirminghamMidland Counties Winter Throws Open17 Mar 19
JT80051.051BirminghamMidland Counties Winter Throws Open26 Jan 19
JT80048.662LeamingtonWarwickshire Open Graded Series4 Sep 19
JT80047.097ASwanseaBritish Athletics League Division Premiership12 May 19
JT80044.521BTamworthMidland League Division 17 Jul 19
2018 U23 Birchfield H/Poland
JT80059.232WrexhamWrexham Final Fling Throws Meeting30 Sep 18
JT80057.611LeamingtonLeamington C & AC Club Championships & Open24 Jul 18
JT80056.321CoventryWarwickshire Open Graded Series4 Jul 18
JT80054.841nsNottinghamMidland League Division 15 Aug 18
JT80053.742CoventryWarwickshire Open Graded Series1 Aug 18
JT80050.811BCheltenhamMidland League Division 18 Jul 18
JT80050.651BWolverhamptonMidland League Division 13 Jun 18
JT80049.931BirminghamMidland Counties Open Series25 Mar 18
JT80049.392CoventryWarwickshire Open Graded Series5 Sep 18
JT80047.651StourportKidderminster & Stourport Spring Open8 Apr 18
JT80046.891WarwickWarwickshire Open Graded Series2 May 18
JT80045.051AYateMidland League Division 16 May 18
JT80044.441Birmingham (PB)Midland Counties Open Series6 Jan 18
2017 U23 Birchfield H/Poland
JT80053.701BYateAthletics Direct Midland League Division 116 Jul 17
JT80051.382BirminghamMidland Counties Open Series18 Mar 17
JT80050.511BirminghamMidland Counties Open Series14 Jan 17
JT80050.202WrexhamWrexham Final Fling Open24 Sep 17
JT80050.132StourportKidderminster & Stourport Spring Open2 Apr 17
JT80049.321RugbyRugby Spring Medal Open1 Apr 17
JT80047.231NuneatonWarwickshire County Championships14 May 17
JT80039.553HorspathOxford City AC Open Graded Meeting21 Jun 17
2016 U20 Birchfield H/Poland
JT80052.141BRugbyAthletics Direct Midland League Division 15 Jun 16
JT80050.521LeamingtonWarwickshire County Schools Championships11 Jun 16
JT80049.232ARugbyUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier North24 Jul 16
JT80049.112WrexhamWrexham Final Fling Meeting25 Sep 16
JT80048.763AStokeUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier North26 Jun 16
JT80048.111BirminghamBirchfield Harriers Retro Open Meeting3 Sep 16
JT80047.362AWorcesterUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier North/East29 May 16
JT80047.2815GatesheadESAA English Schools' Championships9 Jul 16
JT80046.631BBirminghamAthletics Direct Midland League Division 13 Jul 16
JT80042.502StourportKidderminster & Stourport Spring Open10 Apr 16
JT80042.203ANottinghamUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier North/East1 May 16
JT80041.761LeamingtonLeamington Club Championships & Invitation11 Sep 16
2015 U20 Leamington/Poland
JT80046.051WrexhamWrexham Final Fling26 Sep 15
JT80045.624ABirminghamUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Final6 Sep 15
JT80045.442AWolverhamptonUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier North/East26 Jul 15
JT80042.974ABirminghamUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier North/East16 May 15
2014 U17 Leamington/Poland
JT70048.026BirminghamESAA Mason Trophy Schools Inter-County Championships21 Jun 14
JT70040.421Leamington SpaWarwickshire Schools' Championships14 Jun 14
2013 U17 Leamington/Poland
JT70034.935Leamington SpaWarwickshire Schools' Championships8 Jun 13
2012 U15 Leamington
JT60030.623Leamington SpaWarwickshire Schools' Championships16 Jun 12
JT60028.7916StokeESAA Mason Trophy Schools Inter-County Championships23 Jun 12
Total Performances: 80
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