Rosie Booth

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Age Group:U17
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 U17 Ryston
40071.343BMile EndSouthern Athletics League Division 2E20 May 18
40072.33BKing's LynnSouthern Athletics League Division 2E14 Jul 18
15005:20.21AKing's LynnSouthern Athletics League Division 2E14 Jul 18
15005:25.793AMile EndSouthern Athletics League Division 2E20 May 18
15005:32.41BGillinghamSouthern Athletics League Division 2E23 Jun 18
300011:42.31NorwichNorfolk County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
300011:50.15NorwichAnglian Schools' Championships16 Jun 18
300011:51.22BCambridgeSouthern Athletics League Division 2E18 Aug 18
300011:54.83BIpswichSouthern Athletics League Division 2E14 Apr 18
300011:55.11BGillinghamSouthern Athletics League Division 2E23 Jun 18
2000SCW9:03.11BCambridgeSouthern Athletics League Division 2E18 Aug 18
2.5KXCL9:4131L123Wormwood ScrubsSouth of England AA Relay Championships20 Oct 18
3KXC12:091Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League25 Feb 18
3KXC12:261Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League21 Jan 18
3KXC12:491Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League18 Mar 18
4.2KXC19:48299ThetfordNorfolk County Championships7 Jan 18
4.5KXC20:0351Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League11 Nov 18
2017 U15 Ryston
3KXC12:244Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League15 Oct 17
3KXC12:453Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League22 Jan 17
3KXC12:553Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League19 Feb 17
3KXC13:093Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League26 Mar 17
3KXC13:152Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League10 Dec 17
3.2KXC13:2112NorwichNorfolk Schools' Championships24 Jan 17
2016 U15 Ryston
3KXC12:232Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League13 Mar 16
3KXC12:262Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League7 Feb 16
3KXC12:276Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League16 Oct 16
3KXC12:365Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League13 Nov 16
3KXC12:393Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League11 Dec 16
3KXC12:475Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League10 Jan 16
4.2KXC18:4314ThetfordNorfolk County Championships4 Dec 16
ZXC13:541Houghton HallHoughton Hall Cross Country23 Oct 16
2015 U13 West Norfolk
15005:38.52BNorwichEastern Young Athletes' League2 Aug 15
15005:42.52King's LynnWest Norfolk Club Championships10 Sep 15
15005:42.67NorwichNorfolk County Championships Day 27 Jun 15
15005:48.82AKing's LynnEast Anglian League9 Aug 15
15005:59.43BPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League10 May 15
HJ1.051King's LynnWest Norfolk Club Championships17 Sep 15
JT4005.482King's LynnWest Norfolk Club Championships10 Sep 15
2.7KXC11:082611NorwichNorfolk County Championships5 Dec 15
3KXC12:374Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League11 Oct 15
ZXC12:496Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League15 Feb 15
ZXC12:577Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League18 Jan 15
ZXC13:027Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League22 Mar 15
ZXC14:451Houghton HallHoughton Cross Country1 Feb 15
2014 U13 West Norfolk
15005:56.53BCambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League13 Jul 14
15006:02.21King's LynnWest Norfolk Club Championships - Day 111 Sep 14
15006:14.03AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League8 Jun 14
LJ2.682nsCambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League13 Jul 14
LJ2.636AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League8 Jun 14
LJ2.622nsPeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League11 May 14
LJ2.354King's LynnWest Norfolk Club Championships - Day 218 Sep 14
SP2.72K2.762King's LynnWest Norfolk Club Championships - Day 111 Sep 14
ZXC7:32168EustonNorfolk County Championships12 Jan 14
ZXC7:43144Houghton HallHoughton Hall Cross Country23 Feb 14
ZXC9:126Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League23 Mar 14
ZXC9:389Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League16 Feb 14
ZXC10:0911Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League19 Jan 14
ZXC11:093714NorwichNorfolk County Championships6 Dec 14
ZXC12:3833Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League14 Dec 14
ZXC12:467Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League16 Nov 14
ZXC13:0211Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League12 Oct 14
2013 U11 West Norfolk
ZXC9:285Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League13 Oct 13
ZXC9:397Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League17 Nov 13
ZXC9:516Shouldham WarrenRyston Runners Open League15 Dec 13
ZXC18:3321BartonBarton Open3 Mar 13
Total Performances: 65
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