Charlie Haste

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Age Group:U20
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2022 U20 Derby
15004:51.1112DerbyDADA 2022 Meet 1 - Midweek Flat Track and Field12 Apr 22
15004:52.2913DerbyDADA 2022 Meet 1 - Midweek Flat Track and Field3 May 22
300010:34.121ADerbyUK Youth Development League Upper Midlands North/East A24 Apr 22
300010:34.319DerbyDerbyshire & Nottinghamshire County Championships15 May 22
6KXC23:595MansfieldNorth Midlands League15 Jan 22
6KXC24:0813Berry HillNottinghamshire / Derbyshire County Championships8 Jan 22
6.6KXC28:16232LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 22
2021 U17 Derby
40064.355DerbyDerbyshire Athletics Development Association 3 Open Graded Meeting24 Aug 21
8002:30.4662DerbyDerbyshire Athletics Development Association 3 Open Graded Meeting24 Aug 21
15005:03.089DerbyDerbyshire Athletics Development Association 4 Open Graded Open Meeting21 Sep 21
15005:05.6952DerbyDerbyshire Athletics Development Association 1 Open Graded Flat Track & Field Meeting13 Jul 21
15005:10.9471DerbyDerbyshire Athletics Development Association 2 Open Graded Flat Track & Field Open Meeting3 Aug 21
300010:44.581NottinghamNottinghamshire & Derbyshire County Championships11 Sep 21
300010:52.11ABurtonYouth Development League Upper Midlands North/East A25 Jul 21
300010:56.311DerbyDerbyshire Schools Championships12 Jun 21
300011:08.31ALoughboroughYouth Development League Upper Midlands North/East A27 Jun 21
6KXC24:0616DerbyNorth Midlands League16 Oct 21
6KXC24:569KetteringNorth Midlands League13 Nov 21
7KXC25:258HeanorNorth Midlands League4 Dec 21
2020 U17 Derby
4.3KXC18:03244LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)7 Mar 20
4.4KXC15:42110BedaleNorthern Counties Championships25 Jan 20
4.5KXC15:5488NottinghamNorth Midlands League11 Jan 20
4.6KXC20:3610Shipley ParkDerbyshire / Nottinghamshire County Championships4 Jan 20
4.8KXC22:13308Wollaton ParkECCA Saucony English National Championships22 Feb 20
ZXCNT18Shipley ParkDerbyshire Schools' County Championships18 Jan 20
2019 U15 Derby
30049.93-2DerbyDerbyshire Mini League25 May 19
8002:23.291BDerbyUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1B18 May 19
8002:35.9761DerbyDerbyshire Mini League20 Apr 19
8002:38.511BDerbyUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1B27 Apr 19
800NT22DerbyDada Flat Open Graded Series21 May 19
15004:51.5022DerbyDada Flat Open Graded Series18 Jun 19
15004:54.516DerbyDerbyshire Mini League13 Jul 19
15004:54.795DerbyDerbyshire / Nottinghamshire County Championships11 May 19
15004:58.554ADerbyUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1B23 Jun 19
15005:00.212DerbyDerbyshire Mini League25 May 19
15005:01.904DerbyDerbyshire County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
15005:01.9813DerbyDada Flat Open Graded Series16 Apr 19
LJ4.057ADerbyUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1B27 Apr 19
4KXC14:201ChesterfieldDerbyshire Mini League5 Oct 19
4KXC15:01140PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
4KXC15:402IlkestonDerbyshire Mini League23 Nov 19
4KXC16:36258LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
4.1KXC15:48258LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships16 Mar 19
4.5KXC15:5088DerbyNorth Midlands League12 Oct 19
4.5KXC16:2730Wollaton ParkNottinghamshire / Derbyshire County Championships5 Jan 19
4.5KXC19:2655HeanorNorth Midlands League7 Dec 19
4.8KXC24:182DerbyDerbyshire Mini League14 Dec 19
5KXC16:3422NottinghamNorth Midlands League12 Jan 19
5KXC18:5566CorbyNorth Midlands League9 Nov 19
2018 U15 Derby
8002:40.42nsASutton in AshfieldUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1B17 Jun 18
8002:41.0222DerbyDerbyshire Mini League30 Jun 18
8002:46.5561DerbyDerbyshire Mini League28 Apr 18
12004:06.1332DerbyDada Flat Open Graded Series3 Jul 18
12004:15.9822DerbyDada Flat Open Graded Series8 May 18
15005:17.519DNottinghamNottinghamshire & Derbyshire County Championships12 May 18
15005:25.319h2DerbyDerbyshire County Schools Championships - Track, HJ, LJ, TJ & PV only9 Jun 18
15005:25.7624DerbyDada Flat Open Graded Series17 Apr 18
15005:31.5683DerbyDada Flat Open Graded Series5 Jun 18
3KXC15:2713NottinghamNorth Midlands League13 Jan 18
3.88KL15:5165L3Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays6 Oct 18
5KXC17:511716KetteringNorth Midlands League10 Nov 18
5KXC18:4921HeanorNorth Midlands League1 Dec 18
2017 U13 Shelton
8002:54.668nsDerbyDerbyshire Mini League24 Jun 17
15005:57.8810DerbyDerbyshire Mini League27 May 17
1500NT10DerbyDerbyshire Mini League29 Jul 17
3KXC12:2728CorbyNorth Midlands League11 Nov 17
3KXC13:5629DerbyNorth Midlands League14 Oct 17
3.75KXC17:2636NottinghamNorth Midlands League14 Jan 17
Total Performances: 68
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