Good start to 2010 4 May 10 20:26Reply
Blog for: Holly Mills U23W Andover/Brunel Uni London/Harrow
Good start to 2010 Holly Mills 4 May 10 20:26Report

Have had a good start to the season with PB's in all events. I've also broken 2 club records in the 150m and Quad Kids points. Have run good times in the 600m (which I didn't like last year) and one run was only 1 sec off club record. So with a bit of work may break that one too!
Need to work on my Long Jump and Vortex but its been a good start to the season with some room for improvement.

RE: Good start to 2010 Millie Cavanagh 10 May 10 22:00Report

glad everything got sorted out, see you at andover